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Campers Enjoy Litchfield County CT

Every day at Camp MOE is filled with adventures, challenges, and fun through various activities. All campers are placed in small groups determined by their age, abilities, development, and the grade they will be entering in the fall. Rain or shine, we are at camp and enjoying things to do in Litchfield county CT.

Campers in 1st and 2nd grade will have the opportunity to experience swimming lessons at summer camps in Connecticut. Other activities include arts and crafts, music, nature, and other various activities, including community programs.

Our campers stay with their counselors the whole day. From 9:00AM when your camper gets there, to pick up time at 4:00PM!

Campers entering 3rd through 7th grades in the fall will have the opportunity to choose the activities they participate in the camp. It is one of the great ways to enjoy the summer camps for kids in CT. These activities include arts and crafts, dance, sports, music, archery, boating, gaga, and much more.

Summer Camps In Connecticut

Campers in this age group also take swimming lessons and have free-swimming daily. Campers entering 8th and 9th grade are awarded more responsibility through our mentorship program. This group participates in team-building and helping the younger campers learn new games and activities at our excellent day camp. 

Campers entering 10th grade will be guided through a Leadership Development Program. The program’s goal is to teach our CIT’s (Counselors in Training) the “ins and outs” of being a camp counselor through hands-on experiences. The CIT program requires an application and interview to join our Litchfield County CT Counseling Team.

When you register for a day at the camp, the fee includes camping activities and a meal. Lunch is provided, free of charge to families. There are typically 3 options, a cold sandwich, peanut butter and jelly and hot sandwich option. A menu will be posted closer to the start of camp. You can bring lunch to the camp, but it should be contained in a lunch box or bag. All the food is stored in a refrigerator, a feature that some summer camps in Connecticut do not offer.

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Outstanding CT Camps

There is a time set aside for different activities, and we aim to ensure that campers have a great time filled with memorable moments. The goal is to have a fun and engaging time at our summer camps for kids in CT, with activities like crafting and swimming. It is never too early for your child to enjoy camping; starting with a day camp is the perfect first step. Kids enjoy things to do in Litchfield county CT, and develop skills that they do not learn at home or in school.

There are numerous and captivating activities that will create great memories. It will open their eyes and improve their sense of appreciation for outdoor environments. If you are searching for summer camps that will suit your child’s needs, then visit Camp MOE now. It is the campsite that every kid needs to visit. They will enjoy big playgrounds, friendly staff, and a safe environment at one of most Connecticut’s most renowned summer camps

Do you want your kid to enjoy our innovative activities? Then don’t wait and call us today!

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